Foundry Slag Skimmer

Foundry Slag Skimmer for Steel, Iron and Other Molten Metals.

Leistertech Furnace Slag Skimmers feature an innovative, rugged design to help minimise time-consuming tasks on the melt deck, improve furnace utilisation and maintain the integrity of your metal castings.


• Caramel slag glass sconce
• slag lamp canopy
• unmolded slag
• shot blasting copper slag
• air cooled slag system
• copper slag price

Benefit of slag Skimmer

Reducing Metal Loss

Molten metal stays in the furnace instead of being removed with the slag with conventional slag removal methods. The result is more metal for your castings and less being disposed with your slag.

Improving Operator Safety and Comfort

The operator does not have to perform heavy manual work while exposed to extreme heat.

Minimizing the Cost of Expendables

Heavy duty steel blades last longer than rods and paddles.

Operating Efficiently

The rate of slag removal in pounds per minute is higher than that of a manual skimming operation.

Reducing Radiation Loss

The furnace lid is opened for a shorter period of time while the slagging operation takes place. Operation of the pneumatic slag skimmer is simple. It hangs from an overhead or jib crane. Lowering and raising is controlled by the crane. Opening and closing of blades is controlled pneumatically by slag skimmer controls.


Foundry requires a device to assist operators in removing slag from a scrap melt furnace. The process involves skimming the slag, removing it through a door and dumping into a bucket as well as manipulating the scrap in the furnace to complete the melt process. These operations were done manually with the operator standing next to the open furnace door utilizing a long handle ladle. The same process typically applies to melting steel, iron, copper, aluminum scrap and other metals.


A mechanical skimming manipulator device was provided suspended from an articulating arm assembly. The device can be used to skim the slag and deposit it outside the furnace; the device also has rake-like tines providing the operator mechanical advantage while manipulating the scrap inside the furnace. The articulating arm supports the weight of the skimmer as well as providing a fulcrum for the device, offering the operator mechanical advantage while maneuvering the scrap inside the furnace. The length of the device allows the operator to stand away from the door of the furnace, keeping him in a safer position from the heat, fumes and splattering of the molten metal.