Hydraulic Pusher

A Safe, Efficient and Reliable Furnace Hydraulic Pusher System

Leistertech Furnace Hydraulic pusher system feature an innovative, rugged design to help minimize time-consuming tasks on the melt deck, improve furnace utilization and maintain the integrity of Initiated metal castings. We believe that Just to sell capital good is not important, the difference highlights itself when you serving your customers throughout.


• Push the scrap inside the Induction furnace
• Increase the density of scrap
• Full space occupation by scrap

Benefit of Hydraulic Pusher

Time optimization

Wise People says, “Time is money!!!!”

More scrap at one single time by using Electrohydraulicpusher leads to reduce the number of cycle of melting per batch, means more molten metal from every melting process, approach the goal of saving the time indirectly convert into saving of money and increase Production efficiency.

Facilitate safety and comfort

The operator does not have to perform heavy manual work such as handling the scrap while charging and pouring excessive scrap in between the process of melting which exposed to extreme heat.

Cost minimization

Robust design and high reliable factor leads to minimize the cost by charging more quantity of scrap which directly converts the high melting quantity at single cycle.

High melting quantity

The rate of melting metal per cycle in ton is higher than that of a melting done by single scrap charged furnace without pusher.


Foundry requires a device to assist operators in pushing   scrap in Melting furnace. The process involves pushing scrap thru manual steel rod into an induction Furnace as well as manipulating the scrap in the furnace to complete the melt process. These operations were done manually with the operator standing next to the open furnace door utilizing a long Steel Rod. The same process typically applies to melting steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other Scrap.


A Hydraulic Pusher manipulator deviceprovides a suspended head by an articulating arm assembly. This system gives the best output by covert hydraulic force into thrust of powered head force on the scrap in the induction furnace. Pusher strive to be relevant with the current times, so As the time demands, all our machines and processes are tends to labour efficient, production efficient and power efficient which give higher productions with minimum labour at the final output. This device works in the pitch motion in the transverse direction along with rotation along the vertical axis,facilitate the operator while manipulating the scrap pushing the furnace. The articulating arm supports the weight of the Pusher as well as providing a fulcrum for the device, offering the operator mechanical advantage while maneuvering the scrap pushing the furnace. The length of the devicepermits the operator to stand away from the door of the furnace, keeping him in a safer position from the heat, fumes and splattering of the molten metal.